Nada Scent ™ Litter Box 8oz.

Nada Scent ™ Litter Box 8oz.

Natural Odor Eliminator-

Pet generated odor, almost all of which is caused by bacteria, is a nuisance for all pet owners. Until now, pet odor products contained potentially harmful chemicals and enzymes and provide temporary odor reduction. #1 pet odor eliminator in Europe is now available in U.S.



Highly concentrated microorganisms attack and consume the food source of the “bad” bacteria causing litter box mal-odor. Easy to apply. GREAT VALUE: 2-3 sprays in litter box lasts several days. Solutions for all pet odor issues, inside the litter box, or any area of the home.



Safe if consumed by pets, children, or adults. Long lasting: 2-3 sprays in litter box or on recently deposited urine anywhere can last several days. Non-toxic, organic, biodegradable.